Top iPhone apps of 2016, including the best free apps available right now!

Best iOS Apps of 2016, including free apps available now

We all have, use and love apps, for all kinds of different purposes. That’s the beauty of smartphones in this day in age, we all carry around mini computers which have a range of capabilities, and provide us with information literally at our fingertips. In this article we will be going thorough apps that you need to know about.

The first port of call is the ‘essential’ apps. A lot of you reading this will have the basic, must have apps such as: Google, Google Maps, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Uber, and so on… And if you don’t have them then you will at least know of them and what purpose they serve. But let’s move swiftly onto apps that you may not be in the know about, and will be sure to love.


Category- Lifestyle

Price- free

AroundMe is a super simple and intuitive way of finding out places of interest near you, whether you are looking for a Bank/ATM or any local concerts or gigs, it’s got everything covered. You can get nearby places with a single tap, see all nearby venues on a map, and quickly access venue information. Perfect if you want to find out what’s going on near you, at home or away.AroundMe app for iPhone iOS


Category- News

Price- free

SmartNews aggregates all the news you want and need to know, readily available for you at your finger tips. You can retrieve all your news in seconds with zero loading time and read anywhere with access to all your content, even offline. The interface is clean and super intuitive and your feed is completely customizable so that you see the news that you want to.

ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader- 

Category- Shopping

Price- free

Never have to ask a shop attendant anything ever again! ScanLife Barcode & QR Reader is your very own personal shopper which will tell you anything you need to know, anywhere and anytime. You can simply scan a product and the app will bring up the price and a description of the item, it’s that simple.

Docs To Go Free

Category- Productivity

Price- free

Always on the move, and need access to your important documents? Office anywhere with Docs To Go! With Docs To Go you can view, edit and create Microsoft Office files and view Adobe PDF files on your iOS device hassle free.


Category- Photo & Video

Price- $2.99

Passionate about photography? With the Camera+ app for iOS you can shoot like a pro with features such as continuous flash, touch exposure, touch focus, macro mode, up to 6x zoom, advanced shooting modes, over 30 image enhancing filters and more. Tweak your photos and images to perfection with this powerful editing tool.


Category- Finance

Price- free

Ever find yourself trying to remember if your friend owes you money or questioning if you have repaid someone? Splitwise is the best way to share bills and IOU’s and make sure everyone gets paid back. It is the perfect app for keeping track of payments such as apartment bills, group tips, random IOU’s, and more. Easily add your friends, create groups, add specific payments and keep track of your finances.

Zombies, Run!

Category- Health & Fitness

Price- free

This may sound like a game, but it is actually a health and fitness app like no other. Do you struggle to get into running? Find it boring? Get ready for the run of your life! ‘Zombie, Run!’ is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure. Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero, with immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie adventure story.Zombies, Run! App for iPhone iOS


Category- Education

Price- free

The White House’s “1600” is a new way for kids and playful types of all ages to learn bout what happens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All you need to do is tap “Start” and point your camera at George Washington (on the one dollar bill). The app is animated in 3D and will give you an insight into life at the White House.

1600, Whitehouse App for iPhone iOS
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