Top Fitness Bloggers Share Favorite Fitness Apps


Because we are just SO excited about the launch of our newest line of cases, the Evo Active series, we are asking fitness enthusiasts to share with us their favorite fitness apps to use on their smartphones. When your life is on your phone, and fitness is a big part of it, it is oh so important to make sure your case can keep up with your workout.

Let’s see what these gals had to say!

The Balanced Blonde

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"You see, when you’re a perfectionist like me, you don’t just want to know you’ve run 5 miles because a course is supposedly 5 miles, you want to SEE that you’ve run 5 miles so you believe it and you can check it off in your head as truly having done it. Sounds #psycho, I know, but this is also such an incredibly large personal goal for me to be going toward that I want to be sure to cover ALL the bases.

The problem is, there are a lot of apps on the market that and I wasn’t really sure where to start. I am very particular and I have tried several fitness apps over the years that have been confusing for me to use and totally not user-friendly. Recently I heard about Runkeeper… And from the sounds of it, it sounded like it topped the charts of all of the other apps by far. But I still needed to try it first in order to see if it worked for me.

Spoilers… I fell in love with it. It’s SO NICE to have an app to keep track of all of the details of your run for you, and this app even has MUSIC inside of the app and tailors specific playlists for you based on your speed, mood and tempo. Yes, I’m serious. How cool is that?"

- The Balanced Blonde, Jordan Younger

Mandi Mellen (actress)


MapMyRun is my favorite fitness app for my iPhone! I log all of my workouts in there. I use it every morning on my run! At the beginning of the year I joined the YouVsYear challenge, which is a challenge to run 1,000km. The challenge created a fire in me to run more! Such a great community! My favorite part of MapMyRun is the weekly/monthly updates. I love opening the email and seeing how much I've run! I also love the weekly flashbacks. I'll get a flashback from a previous running day. That always keeps me motivated to run more!”

MapMyRun is free to download for Apple or Android.

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Nikki Fitness

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 3.09.43 PM

Now you can run to the beat of your own drummer. Literally.

RockMyRun is a fantastic new app that not only blends music to a set workout-paced BPM (beats per minute) of your choice, it also gives the option of sensing your own beat – how fast your feet like to run, jump or lift – and pacing the music to your very own speed or heart rate!

RockMyRun features mixes are created by DJs and are sortable by genre, artist, latest, bpm, lyrics, and duration. You can manually set them at 125-175+ BPM or let the music match your beat. This music adjustment feature, called myBeat™ Body Driven Music matches steps per minute or heart rate motivate or calm someone at just the right moment.

The basic version of the app is free, so you can choose a pre-selected playlist, genre, and beat and stream your music when you work out.

The Rockstar (premium) membership level gets your own BPM, and the ability to use the full music catalog (hundreds of mixes ranging from 30mins - 4 hours long), as well as continuous play feature allowing users to play their mixes back to back without interruptions or commercials. The pricing is:

o Annual: $35.99/year (works out to $2.99/month)

o Quarterly: $12.99 for 3-months (available via online purchase only)

o Monthly: $4.99 per month

I even use this App in the NYC fitness classes I teach, and it was great to be able to pick 122-25 BPM for my chisel classes, and 135+ for my cardio plyometric days! When I run, I love to do intervals, and when I select the feature that matches the tempo with my steps, the music does intervals too!”



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