Top 5 Tech Gifts for Kids

Tech Gifts for Kids- Evo Play for iPad Mini

Christmas is all about gift giving, but knowing the perfect gift for your tech loving little ones can be difficult. Buying Christmas gifts for kids doesn’t have to be stressful this year!

Here’s a list of our favorite Christmas gifts for kids that fancy gadgets and all things tech.

  1. LittleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit


This is the perfect gift for your lego loving little one. Building their own structures and gadgets can be extremely fun for kids. LittleBits line of electronics provides them with all the materials they need to build their own devices. The kit comes with clear guides and a companion app, but there’s also plenty of room for kids to get creative. Especially if you have multiple kids in your home, this group activity allows everyone to work together to make a creation!

  1. Circuit Maze Board Game

Get the creative juices flowing with this puzzle game that teaches your kids all about how circuits and electricity work. This game has up to 60 different maze challenges you must beat. This game is great for children to develop their problem solving skills, and it’s only 30 dollars! Sit down with your kid for some parent-child bonding time this holiday.

  1. Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

For children over 10 years of age, this gift is packed tight with excitement! Virtual reality is taking off in this day in age and this is the first VR headset we’ve seen specifically aimed at kids. This headset works with various smartphones and there are a number of apps and games that are available on Android and iOS. For the low cost of $14, you can buy different video packs which cover topics like space and wildlife.


  1. Hatchimals


Probably the coolest thing we’ve seen in the world of kiddie gadgets all week. Hatchimals are new mechanical robot creatures that arrive in an egg, hatch themselves, and evolve into strange things the more you play with them. Kind of like a real life tamagotchi. And not all Hatchimals are created equally. Once the creature has hatched from its egg, the time it takes to develop into its full form depends on how the child plays with it.


  1. Evo Play

Evo Play1

Does your kid love spending endless hours on games, apps and online streaming on their tablet? iPad’s get a lot of use these days and wear and tear is inevitable. Give the gift of protecting their most important assets with tech21. The Evo Play is a case for the tablet that is drop proof as well as dish wash proof, so basically it’s child-proof. Whether you have a boy or girl, Evo Play comes in a hot pink or baby blue, to suit your little ones’ preference.

Find a protective case for the iPad Air 2, iPad mini/mini (retina)/mini 2/ mini 3/mini 4.