Top 5 New Coolest things about Google Assistant

Google Assistant on the Google Pixel

Today we see the official launch of the new phone by Google, namely the Pixel. With the strong hype around the new device we took a dive into what people are interested in about the first phone ever made (inside and out) by Google. With a noticeable peek in interest for the Google Assistant over the past month, we were anxious to know what all the hype was about. What cool new features have been added that weren’t available before?

Well we’ve got the scoop on the coolest new features of the Google Assistant.

1.Google Assistant has a sense of humor…

Google Assistant has something that Siri and Alexa might not, a sense of humor! Google has hired several comedy writers to give their online assistant a funny personality. And not only can Google Assistant crack a joke, she can tell you the weather, call you an Uber, even remember things about your personality like your favorite band.  Most digital assistants have a hard time being conversational, but Google aims to change this with Google Assistant.

2. “Allo” brings Google Assistant to your phone

Google Allo is a mobile-only messaging app that leverages the company’s biggest strengths in an effort to stand out from the rest, that strength being Google’s vast knowledge about pretty much everything.

With the Google Assistant on your smartphone, you have Google’s rich search history at your fingertips. Your Assistant can suggest restaurants nearby or movies to check out, right in your conversation. Find videos to share, get directions, and seek answers together with your friends. Just add @google, and your Assistant is ready to help.

3. Control Google Cast and other devices with voice commands

Now, with Assistant, you’ll be able to command it to play a show through the Netflix app simply by telling it to. And this applies to music, YouTube videos and movies as well. The device can also control smart home devices like those from Nest, Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue; the partners announced at Google launch.

4. Have complex conversations with follow up questions

Not only can you give Google Assistant commands, but you can ask it questions and follow up with more questions after your answer. Previously, you had to have a pretty good idea of what you wanted to find for a lot of Google’s cooler features to really be useful. Now that you can ask follow up questions and have a real conversation, a lot of queries will get a lot easier.

5. Get Reminders and Alerts about anything as often as you want

With the Google Assistant you can now get daily information like the weather, or stock prices by following up a search with “send me daily”. This ensures that every day at a certain time you can get daily updates and reminders on pretty much whatever you want. To do this you set up a “subscription” to a piece of information you obtain by asking Google Assistant, and set a time for you to get that updated info every day.

It’s also possible that in the future, you will be able to schedule a request for a cab every morning, or have it automatically mute your phone every night simply by setting up a subscription to Google Assistant commands.


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