Top 3 Fashion Trends this Summer

Summer is here! And that means the fashion police are out and about. Being fashion forward this summer doesn't only apply to what you wear, it applies to your accessories as well. Make sure your phone case offers the best in protection while keeping up with this summer's hottest trends...

1) Athleisure

It's not a new trend but it's still hot, and is being worn as comfy and casual attire, even if there is no intention of doing any exercise!

Rita Ora x Adidas. Source: Adidas

Athleisure can be defined as "casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear", and is perfect for workouts, travelling or going around town, or just maxing out and kicking back. Athleisure in some ways is the new casual. The phrase “athleisure” was first used in 1976 on an advert for trainers but its sudden rise saw the word officially enter the US Merriam Webster dictionary in April this year, defined as “casual clothing to be worn for exercising and for general use”.

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2. Eyelit Everything

From crochet embroidered tops to scalloped shorts, eyelit patterns are making a huge comeback this summer, and we are seeing it from head to toe. Complete the look with the perfect fashion accessory for your phone, the Evo Check Lace Edition.

Whether you are beachside with your buddies enjoying a cocktail or out and about for a night on the town, keep a dash of elegance with you at all times. The Lace Edition combines the sophistication of lace while adding a modern twist that will blend perfectly with your eyelit ensemble.

Source: Marie Claire

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3. All About the Angles

According to Marie Claire magazine, this summer is all about stripes on stripes on stripes on even more stripes. And we’re not talking last summer’s classic sailor suit, we mean angular stripes that give your ensemble an edgy look. Urban angles found in modern architecture is the inspiration behind our Urban Edition fashion accessories for your phone. Lines and angles dare you to look at things a bit different, with a unique perspective, and this summer is all about grabbing attention.

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