Top 10 Ways you Could Break your iPhone 7 this Christmas  

iPhone 7 Christmas Tips

The holiday season is stuffed with chaos and craziness from jam packed airports to restless kids in sugar comas. And whether you may be getting the iPhone 7 as a Christmas gift or already have one, there are plenty of mishaps to encounter resulting in a cracked screen or liquid damage.

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#1 Packed Airports

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Moody crowds and long lines will once again jam major airports this holiday season. From mobile boarding passes and flight status updates, to playing Pokémon Go while waiting for your delayed flight, busy airports pose one of the biggest “drop risks” for your new iPhone 7.

#2 Angry Shoppers

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Crowded shopping malls await you and your new iPhone 7 this holiday season. The key to survival is keeping your head on a swivel and quick feet to avoid shoves and kicks from impatient shoppers.

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#3 Santa’s Lap

Wrestling with unruly kids who refuse to tell Santa what they want for Christmas is just another way to break your spirit and your new iPhone 7. They may end up on the naughty list but it will be your phone that takes the ultimate punishment.

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#4 Grandma’s Kitchen

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When the holiday turkey’s too hot and grandma needs somewhere to set it, she won’t care if your phone’s charging on the counter. Typical turkeys weight 12lbs and that’s more than your phone screen can take.

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#5 Sloppy Co-Workers

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It’s no secret that people overindulge during holiday parties. Don’t let your sloppy co-workers charge your drinks on your credit card or get handsy with your new iPhone 7.

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#6 Black Ice

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You’ll never see it coming but you’ll definitely feel the pain after slipping on it- and so will your new iPhone 7. You may break some bones but you can always save your phone with proper protection.

#7 Uncle Eddie

There’s one in every family…the tech-ignorant uncle who asks to see your new iPhone 7, “I heard about these”. Although there are no wires to tangle the exchange, your phone is more likely to meet the linoleum floor when Uncle Eddie is trying to take a family selfie from your iPhone.

#8 Holiday Lights

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Everyone enjoys the beauty of holiday décor but getting your house ready can be a nightmare. Snow + ladder + roof + massively tangled holiday lights = disaster for the new iPhone 7 in your pocket. Get phone protection that offers an array of colors that are as bright as your holiday cheer.

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#9 Kids on a Sugar High

Kids become possessed when they’ve eaten a half dozen candy canes. Your new iPhone 7 is an easy target when left unattended by the candy jar.

#10 YOU!

Although all of these external forces will be against you this holiday season, the biggest risk you face for breaking your phone is you! From taking selfies while wearing mittens to Snapchat-ing over hot cocoa, be sure to protect your phone from you.