The World's First Reversible USB Cable Design: Fad or Foe?

Sick of trying to force your USB cable in the wrong way round? Those days are over with the new reversible USB cable which removes the aggravation of not knowing which away round it goes! But what does the future hold for such a design?

The designs of the reversible USB cable, known as “USB Type-C”, are set to be finalized in July 2014. But we’ll only discover the full impact of USB Type-C when manufacturers integrate the port in to their devices and it becomes a worldwide feature.

Rumor has it that the new cable will speed up data and provide new opportunities for power charging support.

But how useful will this new cable be? Some believe that USB Type-C is a ploy to bring back a declining PC market whilst others envisage a future without any ports or cables at all.

The increasing popularity of wireless chargers means that users are not required to connect phones to computers. Wi-Fi connectivity continues to provide wireless syncing from devices to computers which also contributes to a potential decline in our need for the USB Type-C.

But a reversible, easier-to-use cable will surely come in handy, at least for some. What do you think? Let us know over on Google+.