The World's First Foldable Smartphone

Paperwork: the world's first foldable smartphone

Researchers at Queen’s University in Canada have developed “Paperfold”, a foldable smartphone which consists of three separate “E-ink” displays. How does Paperfold work?

How does Paper fold work?

The smartphone is foldable due to three detachable, magnetic e-ink displays, named “Tiles” which allow the smartphone to be molded in to different shapes. A pocket-sized notebook perhaps, or an interactive map.

Paperfold’s design is incredibly thin, and amazingly light. Currently it’s only a prototype but already is able to connect to the internet, make calls and send texts.

Ingenious Design

Note only does it’s display use less technology than the average device, it’s so clever that it understands what shape it’s been made in to and adapts its display to match.