The Ultimate Pixel 2 XL Drop-test!

The king of drop tests, Phonebuff, got his hands on the new Google Pixel 2.

So, of course, he's done a drop test using his famous drop rig and put the Pixel 2 XL up against the iPhone 8 Plus...

Round 1- the back drop

The Pixel 2 XL bosses this round, coming out immaculate. The iPhone 8 Plus, however, comes out a little less pristine. The glass back seems to be a real pressure point, which begs the question, why wouldn;t you have a case?!

Round 2- the corner drop

Both phones breeze past this round with small scuffs on the corners. The Pixel 2 comes off slightly worse, but nothing really worth noting.

Round 3-  the face drop

This round is a killer. Any recent smartphone, with the front displays getting bigger and bigger and the bezels getting smaller and smaller, will not survive this round. Both phones displays give out, cracking and even losing some glass. The Pixel 2 XL comes out worse, with some actual chunks of glass missing from the top of the device.

Bonus round

This is where the devices really show their durability, being repeatedly dropped on their face until completely broken. Both of the devices hold up pretty well, the iPhone went first and lasted 8 face drops, while the Pixel 2 lasted 5 face drops until the screen was unusable.

So, after Phonebuff destroys two new smartphones, what have we learned? That these phones need some heavy duty protection! So why not get the best protection that keeps your new (and expensive) device new for longer. Get protection for your Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL, and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus now.