The Tech Reviewer: Evo Check for Galaxy S8

Longtime tech lover, The Tech Reviewer, got her hands on tech21's Evo Check for the Galaxy S8. The Tech Reviewer tested out the Evo Check Active Edition for the Galaxy S8 and was impressed by it's nice grip and comfortable fit in the hand, so it was no surprise to her that the Evo Check had the same feel.

One feature of the case that she particular enjoyed was the low sides that revealed the beautiful curved screen of the Galaxy S8. Although the sides are low enough to show the infinity screen, they still provide protection for the exposed screen, 10 ft of protection that is!

See The Tech Reviewers top 7 features for Evo Check for Galaxy S8.

* 10 ft drop protection.

* Slim and lightweight.

* Nice grip in the hand.

* Easy to get on and off the phone.

* Sides are low enough to show off the curved edges of the Galaxy S8, but not super low, so they still provide some protection. The majority of the impact protection for the screen, however, comes from the raised lip on the bottom and top of the phone.

* Camera and fingerprint reader are both protected and properly accessible.

* Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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