The Story Behind the Design- Evo Elite Chinese New Year Edition

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In celebration of the Chinese New Year we have created a limited-edition case with a unique design by the eminent Chinese pop artist Jacky Tsai. The case keeps your iPhone in the same beautiful condition as it was when you bought it, while enabling you to carry a small piece of Chinese culture with you wherever you go.


Jacky is an eminent Chinese pop artist, creating unique pieces with an inventive approach to traditional materials and craftsmanship. He works to establish balance and harmony between cultural extremes. His original style, featuring references to western pop art in combination with eastern artistry, re-imagines the concept of beauty to be appreciated by viewers of all different cultural heritages.


For the Chinese New Year Edition, Jacky has combined traditional elements of folk paintings with modern pop art style and techniques. It delivers the happiness, warmth and peace of New Year by combining various joyous elements such as blooms, lucky kids and chickens. The Lucky Kid originates from the ‘Golden Boy’ in the Buddhist story of ‘The Goddess of Mercy’. In the story he was born with endless gold and treasures and is a symbol of luck and wealth in Chinese folk custom.

Check out a short promotional video featuring artist Jacky Tsai below.

You can find the tech21 Evo Elite Chinese New Year Edition on our website, available now. For our full iPhone 7 and 7 Plus range head over to Happy New Year from tech21!