The Latest and Greatest from Android: discover the feature packed Android Nougat


Android Nougat is the 7th major operating system of Android, currently available for Google Nexus, but will be moving on to more devices eventually. This new operating system introduces some noteworthy features that are pretty cool and make navigation on your phone much more time efficient.

Here are some of the coolest features of Android Nougat.

Quicker multi-tasking

Android Nougat is all about saving you time while using the various apps and browsers on your phone. You can now quickly switch between your two most recently used apps, whatever they may be.  All you need to do is double-tap the recent apps button to bring up your favorite applications.

Use 2 different apps at the same time

With Nougat, Google is officially adding support for multi-window screens to all Android devices using the new operating system. To activate this mode, press on the recent apps button, whatever app is currently open will go to the top of the screen. Select the second app you would like open and drag the divider to resize the app windows. There you can have two apps open in split-screen mode, and simultaneously use each one.

Use 2 different internet tabs at the same time

 You can also view two Chrome tabs using the split-screen mode as well. One of the coolest things about this feature is that it allows you to drag and drop text and images when in multi-window mode.  Simply highlight the text, then hold down on it until the text begins to float, then drag it to a text bar in another window and there you go! You can use the same process for images.

Separate lock screen wallpaper

This is a feature that iOS has been doing for years, but with the Android Nougat, the lock screen finally gets a separate wallpaper than the background of the home screen. Not so exciting for iOS users, but for the rest of us it’s about time!

Bundled Notifications

For those of you that kill it on social media know the feeling of getting blown up with Facebook notifications after posting a funny status. Well with Android Nougat, apps can be updated to have their notifications bundled into one alert rather than 100. To reveal the rest of the notifications just slide on the notification tab.

Reply Directly to Apps

 With the new operating system, when you get a message notification, you can reply directly rather than having to open the application and reply within it. This means you can hold conversations without having to jump around between different messaging apps.

New Emojis

Android Nougat includes the latest and greatest Emojis, including bacon! Beyond the latest and greatest emoji baked right in to Android, you’ll also notice Google has reworked most of the emoji included on its mobile devices. Smiley faces now have a more human look and feel to them.


Android Nougat will be available for the latest android phones but if you can’t wait, Android Nougat runs on the new Google Pixel phones right out of the box. Now that the handset is available to the public, with all that valuable soft and hardware you would be a fool not to protect it. Visit our product page for the best and most durable Google Pixel and Pixel XL cases.