The iPhone X Unveiled

The iPhone turns 10 this year, and Apple have gone all out for their 10th-anniversary device. Introducing, the iPhone X.

This is the most highly anticipated device release in history so far, and Apple have not disappointed...


The iPhone X has glass on both the front and the back, and it has “surgical-grade” stainless around the sides. This makes the device even more delicate than before, so make sure you have protection for the entirety of the device. It comes in two colors: space gray and silver. It also has the highest pixel-density (458ppi) display ever in an iPhone, with Apple calling it a "Super Retina Display". It measures 5.8 inches in diagonal size and has a resolution of 2436 x 1125. It’s also the first OLED display that is, in Phil Schiller’s words, “the first OLED display great enough to be in an iPhone.” Like the iPhone 8, the iPhone X also has True Tone display technology.

The new 5.8-inch screen almost fills the front of the device. To make way for the huge display, Apple have removed the bezels above and below the iPhone X’s screen, meaning the home button and Touch ID have now gone. These buttons have ultimately been replaced with face-scanning technology, "Face ID", that can identify owners and unlock when they look at it. The 3D scanning camera will be able to create animoji, a new form of dynamic emoji that reflect the users' facial expressions to create an animated emoji.


Next, one of the biggest and most exciting changes- Apple have introduced OLED displays on the iPhone. Unlike conventional LCD panels, the pixels on an OLED screen produce their own light. That means the screen doesn’t need a backlight, therefore saving power. But, it also means that individual pixels can be turned off, allowing for truer blacks– improving dynamic range and widening the color gamut.


The new Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting that are now supported on the front camera. We’ve reached the point where the front camera on the iPhone is now more important than the rear one.

The rear camera on the iPhone X hasn’t been ignored, though, and it’s better than the one you can get on the pedestrian iPhone 8. It’s dual-lens, but with a brighter telephoto lens that has OIS just like the wide angle camera.

The iPhone X also has improved dual cameras with optical image stabilization, a “Portrait Lighting” mode, and of course, updates for Apple’s augmented reality platform, ARKit.


Apple says the iPhone X lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 8 between charges, and of course claims its A11 Bionic chip is faster than ever.

The phone also has an increased battery life, Qi wireless charging capabilities, and a glass front and back. It will be available in space gray and silver.The iPhone X is also Apple's first phone that supports wireless charging, with an Apple-made wireless charger coming next year.

Price and release date

The premium version of Apple’s latest smartphone will start at $999 and come in two configurations, 64GB and 256GB.

Preorders for the iPhone X will begin on October 27th with shipping planned to begin November 3rd.