The Best iPad Cases have FlexShock!

FlexShock™ is the newest member of the Impactology™ family of materials and a new chapter in intelligent impact protection.

FlexShock™ is a new, cutting edge hybrid energy absorbing material which absorbs, dissipates and repels damaging forces of impact away from your device when dropped. This impact absorbing process takes place in multiple stages of impact protection.

To begin with, FlexShock™ absorbs and repels the energy of impact. Any remaining energy is dissipated through its molecular structure, away from the point of impact.

FlexShock™ is remarkable flexible which means we’ve been able to create geometric structures with exceptional energy absorption. It can be matched to any colour, further enhancing the natural beauty to the devices to which it’s applied.

What are the key benefits of FlexShock™?

  • FlexShock™ is a hybrid material which can be moulded to fit the contours of any shaped device
  • FlexShock™ is ultra-thin, providing heavy-duty impact protection
  • It can be used to create advanced geometric ribbing structures
  • It can be matched to any colour

Looking for a protective iPad case?

Our Impact Folio cases for iPad Air combine ingenious design with exceptional impact protection. A slim-fitting TPU shell integrated with FlexShock™ encapsulates your device with intelligent impact protection through a unique geometric ribbing structure build to exceed MIL-ST-810G.516.6.


A fully integrated screen cover will protect the front of your tablet whilst it is in storage or not in use. Auto-wake magnets wake the device on opening the protective case. With mechanical buttons and multiple hands-free viewing and typing options, Impact Folio is incredibly user-friendly.

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