The Best Health and Fitness Apps- exercise, healthy eating and relaxation

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Today we are bringing you our second series of favorite fitness apps from top fitness bloggers. The Fit Cookie and The Skinny Confidential are here to give you the scoop on 7 different apps to ensure you a healthy lifestyle!


The Fit Cookie

If you asked me to pick just one favorite fitness app, I don’t think I could! There are so many great ones out there and there are new apps debuting all the time. It’s fun to try them all, but there are a few really great ones that stand the test of time and keep getting better.

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If you want to stay on track with fitness and healthy eating this holiday season, here are a few of my favorite apps:

  • Lose It!: I’ve been using this app for years! Currently I use this off and on, but this app is awesome for calorie and macro counting. My favorite feature is the recipe feature where you can add in your ingredients and number of servings and it will give you the nutrition info for your favorite recipes. Super cool!
  • Nudge Health Tracking: If tracking calories isn’t your thing, you can try the Nudge app that tracks things like servings of fruits and veggies, cups of water, and activity during the day. You get scored based on your healthy habits so you can work to improve your eating and activity habits
  • MapMyFitness: This is a great all-around tracker for running, cycling, walking, hiking, and more. It connects with all kinds of tracking devices so you can add more details to your workouts, plus it has a robust social network within the app as well
  • Relax App: If you need to unwind, the Relax app is amazing. It has various nature sounds like (thunderstorms and underwater) that help you relax and unwind, or can help with studying. You can adjust the different sounds to customize your experience


  • UltraTimer: This is essential if you like to do intervals during workouts. You can set up different interval timers for
  • EWG’s Healthy Living: Scan the barcode on any beauty product or food product and it will give you the details on what’s in it and how healthy it is

Sarah Jane Parker, ACSM cPT, ACE Certified Health Coach


The Skinny Confidential 

"We're all on our phones all the time, so it only makes sense that we use them for fitness & wellness. Smartphone apps allow me to stay accountable for ALL of my health goals. They're not just for weight loss. These apps can help you track your water intake, exercise duration and manage your overall progress.

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One of my favorites is My Fitness Pal. I'm simple, easy, & all about quick recipes. I find myself eating the same things over and over. With My Fitness Pal you can save all of your favorite recipes. I actually saved all of my meals from TSC 7 DAY MEAL PLAN. The app also already lists items from popular restaurants & grocery stores. For example, if you stop at starbucks for a tea, you can search it in their food catalogue & it will immediately update your food diary. Did I mention it also scans barcodes? So when you're out & about, you can scan whatever you're eating & instantly know the nutritional information. SO easy & convenient.

You can do the exact same thing with your workouts. The app knows the average amount of calories people burn during spin, yoga, pilates, weight lifting, WHATEVER. You can also get more specific to your body. I've saved the amount of calories I typically burn from The Bombshell Body Guide workouts. This app makes keeping track of your calories in & out so much easier. No need to constantly input the same information over & over.  The app will also track how many steps you take in a day & add that to the amount of calories you've burned doing it. GENIUS.

To top it all off, My Fitness Pal gives you advice on how to reach your next fitness goal. One of my favorite features is the report part of the app. It allows you look to at your nutrition or exercise data over the last 7 days, week, month, year, etc. This is EXTREMELY helpful. You can't hide from that. I use it to make sure I'm eating the proper amount of minerals, vitamins, carbs, protein, fats, etc. It makes it easy to see if you are lacking in one area and what you need to fix. I also love it for tracking how my fitness has improved. I can see how many calories I'm burning and the amount of time I spend exercising. That way I can tell if I'm being efficient with my workouts or if it's time to switch it up and shock my body!"


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