The App That Knows What Makes you Happy


Sometimes it’s difficult to know what makes us the most happy in life. The “Optimized” app helps you to track your everyday activities, including sleep and health, to determine which lifestyle routines make you the happiest.

“Ari” is Here to Help

The app comes complete with an “Ari” personal assistant who helps you to organize your personal information and encourage you to reach the goals that you set together. The app tracks places you visit, people you see, your sleep and your mood and uses the data to provide insights in to what’s best for you.

Track your Lifestyle

Optimized uses an additional separate app called “Moves” to track location based activities such as running, walking and cycling as well as calorie counts and the number of steps that you take using integrated GPS satellites.

Correlation Analysis

According to the creators, Optimized provides “some of the most advanced data visualization and analytical capabilities ever seen on a mobile”. Date is collected and brought together with intelligent tools to create an interesting combination of charts, predictions and statistics.

Achieve your Goals

Users can set personal goals for anything from exercise goals to food and social engagements which are measured to monitor your happiness. If one is more interested in assessing mood and health for example, the app can be customized according to the specific information requested.

To try out the Optimized app, click here! Already used the app? Let us know what you think over on Google+!