Tech21: Highlights of 2013


With the New Year a foot, we take a look at Tech21’s highlights and achievements over an incredible past year!

An “impressed” Gadget Guy named our Impactology cases Best Unbreakable Gadgets of 2013, stating that the scientifically proven impact material integrated in to our designs is simply “awesome”. We were also thrilled to hear of the excellent news that our CEO, Jason Roberts, was nominated Inventor of the Year at the CTIA Big Idea Awards.

Today’s iPhone described our multi-layered, shock absorbing Impact Shield screen protector as “incredible”; “so ridiculously thin and yet offers the best impact protection ever experienced.” Our Impact Mesh case was described by them as simply “fantastic”.

Our innovative Impact Shield was awarded the Highly Commended IOS Accessory of the Year, described by MacWorld as “super easy to apply”. MacWorld explain that the Impact Shield is “optically clear, self-healing and also disperses the force of an impact to reduce the chance of your screen shattering or smashing.” Our famous Impact Shield was also deemed “an honest-to-God Wolverine-style self-healing screen protector” by Life of Android. As well as this, we picked up the Best in Show Phone Accessory award in the Laptop Magasine CTIA 2013.

We were proud to read of Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 Impactology experiences in The New York Times - “With my iPhone encased in Impactology ware, I was gleefully showing off to my co-workers by rapping the phone on my desktop and tossing it to the floor.”

The team here on Eel Pie Island has loved hearing your Impactology testimonials over 2013 and we look forward to hearing many more in the coming year.