Tech21 CEO Award

We’ve just found out that Jason Roberts, Tech21’s CEO, has been named an “Ingenious Innovator” finalist in CTIA’s annual B!G Idea Awards competition. The competition represents those who have made exciting, influential changes to the mobile ecosystem.

It’s fantastic to be recognized by members of the wireless industry who voted online for their favourite B!G Idea contenders based on their roles and accomplishments in transforming the mobile ecosystem.

Sometimes the challenges that we set ourselves in life take time to fulfill. That’s why we’ve been working alongside leading experts in polymer technology for the past two years to source and manufacture the most advanced materials for our most innovative product yet: the Impact Shield.

Our revolutionary Impact Shield screen protector features a multi-layer structure with BulletShield™ featuring BASF polymer used in military grade bullet proof glass.

The Impact Shield features:

  • An advanced protection with multi-layer system
  • An easy bubble and glue-free application
  • A self-heal, anti-scratch layer created with reflowing polymer
  • Perfect optical clarity with non-UV yellowing – you won’t know it’s there!

For a full range of our Impactology products, please click here.