Tech21 Case Survives 10,000 Foot Drop!

Sky Diver Drops Phone in tech21 case

Tech21 customers from all over the world are dropping their phones, and picking them up without a scratch, thanks to our cases. We receive testimonials from our customers on the daily, sharing stories of their outlandish drops. Some of them more drastic than others.

But we think this one takes the cake... Read what happened when professional skydiver Jim Cowan dropped his phone from 10,000 feet in the air.

"I am a professional skydiver with over 16,000 jumps, providing advanced freefall and canopy piloting training to our nations most elite war fighters. While on a training jump over a discreet military facility in Arizona, I was using my iPhone 6 to recheck the latest winds aloft forecast while riding up to jump altitude. When we arrived at 10,000 feet above the desert, I stepped off the ramp of the aircraft and deployed the military parachute that I was utilizing and began my formation canopy flight back to the drop zone with my student. We utilize air to air comms to provide extremely detailed and precise canopy piloting skills to improve their capability and safety.

Upon returning to the parachute packing area, I realized that the leg pocket that I keep my phone in, was unzipped and the phone was gone. I knew that it must have fallen out when we exited the aircraft. I forgot to zip it back up after checking the winds. I had one of my co-workers check the "find my iPhone" app, and there it was saying it was about 4 miles away, exactly where we had plotted to exit the aircraft. 4 hours later my co-workers and I went to the field where it said it should be, and there it was within 10 meters of where we thought it should be! It had been lying face down in the dirt and had overheated in the 105 degree sun, but it showed no damage!


After about 15 minutes in my pocket, it cooled off and came back to life. It works perfectly with no known problems after 2 months. The case showed a tiny little scratch on the corner rubber and thats it. The glass cover did not shatter nor did the glass screen. I have a pic of lying in the desert and a pic of me leaving the aircraft during the jump that both could be used for marketing. Hell, we could make a great commercial for both tech21 and iPhone in this case. I personally know just about every skydiving videographer that has ever shot a commercial or television program in the U.S. or Europe. iPhone survives 10,000 foot freefall due to tech21 impactology case!"

-Jim Cowan


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