Tech & Dating- The turn-on and offs of smartphone behaviour

Buying a new phone is a big decision. Your phone is pretty much the most important thing you own. So we probably don't have to tell you that choosing the right phone is a big deal. When choosing your next phone what do you look into? Processor speed maybe? Or camera capabilities?

Do you think about how other people will look at your phone, and what it says about you? How do other people look at you, and your phone? We take a look at how people judge you by your phone in the world of dating...

According to a study conducted by and Research Now, iPhone owners are about 21 times more likely to negatively judge a date who uses an Android phone. On the flip side, Android owners are only 15 times as likely to negatively judge a date for opting for iOS.

Even worse in this situation is a cracked screen. The same study found that women are 86%  more likely to negatively judge a date for having a broken smartphone screen. So, if you’re an Android-toting, cracked-screen-having dude that just loves living on the edge of gadget acceptability, maybe consider a cool and trendy feature phone for when you want to go out, such as the legendary 3310. Those are hard to break, and also experiencing a bit of a comeback these days.

There are still many people out there who take great care of their smartphones and have never had one break — but poll the ones who've had to replace or repair their device due to some hardware calamity and the vast majority will have had a broken screen.

If you are dating, why take the risk? What if you are part of the 35% of all users who damage their electronic device within the first year of use? Accidents happen and it could happen to you.You can either get insurance, costing you at least $10 per month, or you can make the one-off investment of purchasing a solid case and screen protector. It seems like a no brainer!

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