Team CrossFit JST- the journey to the USA

Team CrossFit JST have come a long way in the last few months, traveling all over the world competing for the number 1 spot in CrossFit.

And now they prepare for the last chapter of their incredible journey. In the first week of August they will be competing for the CrossFit Games title in Wisconsin, USA.

How did they get this far? We have followed them on their journey around the world as they make their way to the top...

It all started back in May when we then went along to their training sessions, met the team, watched in awe as they lifted ridiculous weights, and learned about their dream of going to The CrossFit Games in the USA to compete to be the best of the best.

Since then they have been training up and down the UK tirelessly, and in between this competed in the CrossFit Games Regionals in Madrid, Spain. At the Regionals, 40 men, 40 women, and 30 teams competed over three days for the right to advance to The CrossFit Games.

All Regional competitors faced the same workouts, whether they're in Wollongong, Australia, or Atlanta, Georgia.

At this stage, competitors care about how they place relative to their peers at their Regional, since that's what determines how many points they earn and where they'll rank in the overall standings.

Check out the footage of the team as they arrived in Madrid, ready for action...

The team went to Madrid with only one conclusion in mind, and that was winning. Any other position other than first was a loss...

The JST Army was there in full force, proudly cheering on their home team.

And sure enough, Team JST reigned supreme. They finished the Regionals on top, smashing all competition.

Now after a intense training schedule they gear up and head off to the US, with the intention of bring the CrossFit Games title back home with them.

The team sets off for the USA on Friday morning from London and you can follow their progress on their official team Instagram account, as well as regular updates on the tech21 official Twitter page.

The team members of the CrossFit JST have been sporting the Active Range for their devices as they've been training for the CrossFit Games 2017, as featured in the videos. Loving the Active range? Check out the Evo Elite Active Edition for an athleisure accessory you can't go without.