Survival Stories: August

Tech21 Survival Stories

Welcome to Survival Stories, a monthly round up of the best real life stories we get sent in to us from tech21 customers and loyalists. This edition we have some impressive tales which makes you wonder how these people still have a mobile device at all…

So, here we go...

If you value your phone you should give it the protection it deserves.

“My phone just fell from my hands face-down on the pavement as I exited my car ?
Shoutout to this #Tech21 case for being the real MVP ?”

Jess from Twitter

Through thick and thin.

“I threw my phone against a wall on Tuesday and no damage was done to it. Thanks @tech21official for making great cases!!! ”

Viri from Twitter

From the highest of heights.

“I dropped my phone down an elevator shaft at 7:30 this morning… THE PHONE HAS BEEN RETRIEVED FROM THE ELEVATOR…”

Sarah from Twitter

iPhone falls down elevator shaft and survives

And when it's "not your fault".

“When a girl drops your phone on the floor but you have a @tech21official case on it…”

Baddie from Twitter

Keep your phone for life.

“@tech21official is the best phone case ever. I’ve had this case for a year now. I absolutely love this case.”

Maddison from Twitter

Story of the week

This fantastic story was sent in to us by Michael on Facebook...

Evo Tactical iPhone case survives after being thrown in bomfire

The case in the story above is our most rugged and toughest case yet, the Evo Tactical. You can find our full range of cases on our website.