Survival Stories: September

Tech21 Survival Stories

Welcome to Survival Stories, a monthly round up of the best real life stories we get sent in to us from tech21 customers and loyalists. This month we have read some unbelievable stories that we have been itching to share with you.

So, here we go again...


You can always trust tech21 to have your back…

“Just dropped my #iPhone out bathroom window (1st floor) onto path below. It survived without a scratch! #miracle. Thanks Tech21”

Helen from Twitter

Come shine or rain.

“Just dropped my iPhone down 2 stories in pouring rain. Sadly walked down to pick up the remnants but it’s in-tact!!! Thx!!! ”

Janis from Twitter

At the highest on speeds…

“Hey! You guys make one hell of a case. Drop the phone at 85MPH and not a scratch or crack! #unreal #protected #moneywellspent #savedmyass”

Greg from Instagram...

Want proof?

iPhone falls from motorbike at 85 MPH and survives

Whether from a motorcycle, or a train…

“Dropped my iPhone 6 out window of a moving train. Watched it hit rocks. Shockingly got it back. AMAZINGLY, not a scratch. THANKS!”

M Smith from Twitter

Or even a lawn mower!

“Hey! Your phone cases are officially lawn mower grade. Saved my phone today without a scratch.”

Martin from Twitter

iPhone is run over by lawn mower and survives


Story of the week

This fantastic story was sent in to us by Carl on Twitter...

iPhone falls from 200 feet off rollercoaster and survives

We hope Carl managed to retrieve his device.  Here's a life lesson- always keep your valuables secure when at riding 200 feet, and of course always have a tech21 case protecting them!

That’s all for this month folks. Get yourself protected like these clever people- head over to our website now and check out the best iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 7 Plus cases, and survive to tell the tale!