Survival Stories: November

Tech21 Phone Survival Stories

Welcome to Survival Stories, a monthly round up of the best real life phone stories we get sent in to us from tech21 customers and loyalists. This month we have read some different and humorous tales that we have been itching to share with you.

So, here we go again...

You can trust your tech21 case to protect your phone against the most unlikely of challengers...

“There was a wasp in my car and I threw my phone at it, and tossed my phone out of the window in the process. The wasp flew away unharmed and my phone survived, not a scratch. 10/10.”
Charlie via email

From wasps to dogs!

“ dog tried chewing my phone today. Nice try! I rock tech21”
sayyestochase from Twitter

They can take the weight of a car... 

“Yo Tech21! I just wanted to give you a  shout out and say thanks! My new iPhone 6S was PARKED ON by a car, rung continuously for an hour before it was found and did not have a scratch on it once the car owner drove off it! I cannot recommend you shell cases more!
#1 fan here!”
Alex from Facebook

High speeds...

“Hey Tech21- you guys make one heck of a case. Drop the phone at 85 MPH and not a scratch or crack! #unreal #protected #moneywellspent #savedmyass”
Anon via email

"Today I forgot my Note5 on top of my vehicle. As I drove at 40 MPH my phone flew off the vehicle on to the road way. It flipped several times across the road before it came to a stop. I went back to retrieve what I thought would be a total loss. To my surprise the phone had a minor abrasion on the Note5 case, the Tech21 case has some scratches from the road way, but the phone is totally operational because of the Tech21 case. I am currently using that same phone as I type this message to you."
Kurt from Facebook

And of course drops on concrete.

“I love my tech21 case. Multiple drops on concrete. No cracks. Thanks guys.”
Kyle from Twitter

Story of the week

The story of the week was sent in to us by Dustin via email, and tells us how he dropped his phone from dizzying heights.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 14.48.00 copy

So there we have it, no protection compares to tech21. Nothing even comes close.


That’s all for the stories we have for this month folks. If you want the very best protection for your phone head over to our website now and check out the best iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 7 Plus cases, and survive to tell the tale!