Survival Stories: March

Welcome to Survival Stories, a monthly round up of the best real life, miraculous phone stories we get sent in to us from tech21 customers and loyalists. As we move out of Winter and into the Spring months, here are some uplifting stories to accompany the better weather.

We've got you (and your phone)

“When you drop your phone down a flight of stairs but @Tech21official has your back ?"

Zac via Twitter

Down the stairs, or run over by a car

“I left my phone on the roof of my car for a mile and a half. It was 2am when I eventually got home and used 'Find my iPhone', which revealed my iPhone was at a major roundabout! A rapid drive later, ready for a long search, I found it in the second lane of the dual carriageway... Once I removed the screen protector and pooped it out of the tech21 case, it revealed it has suffered the slightest graze to one corner. I have no doubt it had been run over so I'm very grateful for the strength and protection of the case, brilliant!”

Peter via email

Don't panic

“My iPhone got trampled by an entire movie theatre full of people as we ran for our lives. Still in perfect condition, thanks @Tech21official”

Austin via Twitter

A companion for life

“Finally ordered a new iPhone. Amazed that I kept my 5 for 4.5 years. Never a crack, dent, or any damage. All thanks to @Tech21official bumper case"

Mary via Twitter

Story of the month

Our story of the month for March was sent into us by Nigel via Facebook. This nearly fatal incident sounds like something out of a movie...

We reached out to Nigel to thank him for sharing his story, and he sent through some more images of the truck, and the subsequent condition of the iPhone 6 Evo Xplorer case.

Scary stuff! We are glad that Nigel, and his iPhone, are in tip top condition and survived to tell the tale.

So there we have it, no protection compares to tech21. Nothing even comes close.

That’s all for the stories we have for this month folks. If you want the very best protection for your phone head over to our website now and check out the best iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 7 Plus cases, and survive to tell the tale!

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