Survival Stories: June Edition

Welcome to Survival Stories. A monthly round up of the best real life, miraculous phone stories we get sent in to us from customers, who would all have a broken phone and a repair bill if it wasn't for tech21. Here are the stories, as sent in by you, for the sunny and hot month of June.

Premium protection you can trust...

“So glad I spent the money on my case!! I just dropped my phone onto tiles fro the top of a flight of stairs!! I can't believe it has no cracks!! Thank you, happy girl ?????? "

Marissa from Facebook

“Oooh #iPhone just bounced off the floor ? @tech21official case proved its worth"

Christina via Twitter

Drop after drop after drop.

"Tech21 cases rock. Another drop onto stone and the iPhone survived. Phew!"

AlyFairBurn via Twitter

"I wanted to thank you for a superior product. Today I was attempting to place my phone in my vest pocket when it slipped out of my hand from 5 feet above, slamming onto the asphalt. Your case (Tech21 Evo Frame for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) saved the phone. I wanted to let you know and thank you. I will definitely be a customer for life"

Rob from Facebook

Through the good times...

“I know my #Tech21 case wouldn't fail me because my iPhone once fell off a ride at the fair & when I got off I found it untouched!!!”

OhOkayFr via Twitter

And the tough times.

“Dropped a 45lb dumbbell on the back of my phone and the impact only affected the protector instead of shattering my phones actual screen. Gladly paid $45 instead of $130 for a new screen.”

Grayson via


Story of the month

Our story of the month was sent into us by Kylie on Instagram...


So, how did the case and the phone hold up?...


Thanks to the case the iPhone is like brand new.


So there we have it guys, no protection compares to tech21. Nothing even comes close.

That’s all for the stories we have for this month folks. If you want the very best protection for your phone, head over to our website now and check out the best iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 7 Plus cases, and the best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ cases and survive to tell the tale!

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