Survival Stories: January

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tech21 Phone Case Survival Stories

Welcome to Survival Stories, a monthly round up of the best real life miraculous phone stories we get sent in to us from tech21 customers and loyalists. With January being the longest and most depressing and blue month of the year, we found joy in hearing some of these uplifting stories.

Let's start with a BANG!

“Tech21 is the ONLY case I trust with my iPhone. I've accidentally thrown my phone onto roads, cement, tiles, wooden floors, rocks!... My screen hardly has a scratch (no screen protector either) and I've never broken the glass on my iPhone that has been in the Tech21 cases ?Super slim and not bulky at all! "
Madeline on Facebook

Better than all the rest...

“YOU'RE AMAZING TECH21 !!! I got my girlfriend and I the Evo Mesh for iPhone 6s and they're the best! My phone fell at least a hundred times and not a single scratch!”
Jaykee on Facebook

For the realists,

“Without this case, my phone would have been dead for a long time.”
Ephi on Facebook

Who can't live without it!

“I just want everyone to know that if you do not have a tech21 case you NEED it right now. My holy grail phone case for 5 years now”
neosporinhoran on Facebook

Especially if you are inclined to throwing your phone.

“I love tech21! I've thrown my phone more than 3 times (on purpose- don't ask) & it never let me down. Has fallen screen side and everything ?"
Liz on Twitter

Story of the week

The story of the week was sent in to us by Loni via email, and tells us how she mistakenly left his 4 day old phone on the top on his car. D'oh!

So there we have it, no protection compares to tech21. Nothing even comes close.

That’s all for the stories we have for this month folks. If you want the very best protection for your phone head over to our website now and check out the best iPhone 7 cases and iPhone 7 Plus cases, and survive to tell the tale!