You are what you share: Why social networking app "Anomo" gives you time to reveal yourself


Whether we’re busy “checking-in” on Facebook at our current location, updating our career history on LinkedIn or busy taking selfies on Instagram, we constantly share our world on social networking sites. The creators of “Anomo”, a social networking app that allows users to interact anonymously and reveal information one bit at a time, think differently.

Personality Matches

Privacy concerns have been an issue regarding social networking sites since the platforms reached the forefront of our communication. But what if users were not inclined to reveal information about themselves until they were ready? Anomo is a brand new US based social networking app that encourages users to reveal one piece of information at a time, when they feel comfortable to do so. It was launched last June and according to The Metro has since then gained an amazing 10,000+ users which have produced more than 3 million posts.

Unlike other social networking apps, Anomo focuses on giving users the opportunity to engage in fluent conversation instead of telling others about themselves through photographs, as promoted by networks such as Facebook and Instagram. The app allows users to get to know each other and find a genuine connection, regardless of looks. James Sun, co-founder and chairman of Anomo explained to The Metro that “if you go on Facebook or Twitter, it’s really about image management now – it’s not a place to have real, authentic conversations.”

“Connect. Interact. Reveal.”

It’s certainly the case that if I were to meet someone for the first time I would not tell them absolutely everything about myself. Anomo was built on these grounds of real-life interaction which is why users are able to hide their personal information, and their looks, until they are ready to share them. People can meet and interact with others, regardless of how good looking they are. This extinguishes the pressure that other social networking sites bring.

Check-in to Locations Anonymously

Unlike Four Square and Facebook, Anomo permits users to “check-in” to a location, be it a café, restaurant or bar, without necessarily revealing any of their information. Of course, the app need not be just for dating, it could be simply for connecting with the people around you. James Sun states that “it’s a social network for dating, friendships or building networks.”

Just how Anonymous is Anomo?

You can be as anonymous as you want to be from other users, but one must connect to the app via a Facebook account to prove that they are a real person. The app will consider your age and gender and introduce you to people that are relevant. It does not present teenagers with forty year old users, for example. Mr. Sun explains that every conversation via the app is logged for the users own safety.

Is Anomo Anonymity Safe?

It’s inevitable that an app which encourages users to interact anonymously will raise concerns. What about users who use the app to stalk people? Or meet up with them to bring them harm? Anomo, like all other social networking sites, gives people the opportunity to hide behind the mask of the internet. As Mr. Sun explains, “People have to use their judgments in the chats and where they are, and who wants to meet up.” These issues already exist, particularly on online dating sites and this is not a danger that Anomo has introduced.  Like any other social networking site, users must use it responsibly.

The Anomo concept goes against the norms by giving more introvert people an opportunity to meet others in a less pressured environment, free of photographs and information. According to The Metro, the number of posts on Anomo is going up by 90% each week, suggesting that this might be a new way of meeting others. Would you rather reveal one piece of information about yourself one bit at a time, or are you set on trusting the transparency of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Let us know what you think of the Anomo concept over on Google+!