Samsung's Olympic App set to "WOW" the Sochi 2014 Winter Games

Sochi 2014

The 2014 Winter Games are nearly upon us with over 98 events set to take place in 15 different winter sports from alpine skiing to bobsledding and ice hockey! How will you manage to keep up with it all?

As an official partner of the 2014 Winter Games, Samsung have developed the new Olympic app, “WOW” which has been specifically designed to keep Olympic families, officials, fans and organizers worldwide updated with the latest Olympic excitement.

Why is the App so called?

Samsung have named their new creation “WOW” which stands for "Wireless Olympic Works". The app allows users to transform their mobile device in to a wireless, communicative sports station. It’s function is to provide up-to-date, important information regarding venues and sports stations, and it can also be used as a means to communicate in discussion forums regarding latest news and Olympic excitement.

Wow your friends with Timely Knowledge

It’s certainly a multi-functional app which provides users with in-depth tutorials about the Games and individual Olympic Sports as well as timely venue and location guides. It’s hugely interactive, allowing users to design, filter and personalize the app according to specific results, events and live streams that you wish to view.

When entering the app for the first time, it asks what your favorite sport, athlete and country is and provides you with the option to track any or all 15 of the winter sports taking place this year. There’s also an open forum community to share thoughts and discuss Olympic affairs.

Sochi 2014

Photos, videos and news bulletins are available to view and share across social networking platforms via the app which has been built specifically for users to keep tabs on reports, medal giveaways, the status of Olympic records amongst a whole bunch of other interesting features.

Connecting the World

Samsung’s WOW service was originally launched for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens but only for the internal Olympic Family to use. Now it can be enjoyed by event planners, fans, officials and organizes across the globe as a hub for collecting the crucial data and timely information which is vital for the running of this event.

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics kick off this Friday 7th February until 23rd February 2014. WOW is now available free to download from the Samsung App Store or Google Play for Android Samsung users worldwide allowing you to keep track of all 98 events like a hawk..