Samsung Galaxy S8 Unveiled

Today Samsung officially unveiled their new flagship devices, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and incase you missed the amazing and info-packed announcement, here's all the details you need to know.

Infinity Screen

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the first smartphone devices to ever have an infinity display, meaning their screens have end to end screen spilling over the phone's sides. The screen is made with pure glass with a higher screen to body ratio than ever before. That's right, the S8 device has no bezels, only screen. Still feeling small and comfortable in your hand, with curved edges you don’t have to sacrifice the size of the phone.

With all that additional screen, don't use a case that will hide it. Pure Clear for the S8 and S8+ is invisible protection for the Samsung devices. It is currently the clearest case on the market.

And with Mobile HDR premium certification from HDR Alliance, screen hasn't only expanded, but the quality of the TV shows and movies you watch on your phone is no different than when watching on HDR TV. When watching the Netflix or Hulu app you will see the same colors and contrast you would from the original HDR.

Home Button

One of the major changes personified by the S8 is with the home button, which is placed beneath the infinity display. Samsung has made the home button pressure sensitive, letting you push on the bottom of the screen to activate the home button even if a full-screen app has hidden it.


The S8 device has a dual picture sensor, the first ever on a Samsung device! And with a multi-frame processor that takes multiple frames in one shot to formulate the best picture, the S8 camera goes for that perfect shot. For those of us who love selfies (we are all guilty) the camera's auto focus detects your face to take clear and focused shots from the front facing camera.


Bixby is an intelligent interface that will help users get more out of their phone. With the new Bixby button, you will be able to access Bixby and navigate through services and apps with simple voice, touch and text commands. Bixby allows you to Move seamlessly between voice and touch. Bixby is synched up the camera so it understands what it is seeing as well as what you are telling it.

Extra Features

Like Samsung's predecessors, the S8 and S8+ are water and dust resistant. And with a 10nm processor for the S8, the device consumes less energy. The S8 and S8+ have wireless charging pads, that allow you to charge anywhere, anytime, laying it flat or propping the device up to see the screen.

See below for more added features to the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Extra SecurityIris scanner instead of finger print to access phone as well as apps. This is the most secure form of bio-metric security Samusng has ever created.

Face RecognitionGives you instant access to into your home screen, without using the touch ID.

Samsung PaySamsung Pay turns the device into a digital wallet, you can use it anywhere you’d use a credit card.

Samsung PassSamsung Pass is iris and fingerprint scanning whether you are logging into your fav app or accessing personal finace information. This adds an extra level of safety while getting rid of the need for extraneous passwords.

Samsung HealthThis feature allows users to track their fitness goals, how many calories burned, or steps taken. With the Ask an Expert feature, the S8 connects with a doctor online within minutes, so you can set up an appointment over the phone or in person, anytime.

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tech21 attended Samsung's Unpacked event today at Lincoln Center in New York for all Samsung partners to have a hands on look at the new device.

Today, Samsung formally unveiled its updated Gear VR headset, tech21 was able to test out the newest capabilities in VR at the Lincoln Center. In addition to adding compatibility to the new S8 phones, the new Gear VR includes a controller in the box. It'll be a free add-on for initial S8 preorders.

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