Samsung Galaxy S8: how to get the best out of the camera

Samsung made the decision to keep the same hardware on the camera as the previous Galaxy S7, with a 12MP, f/1.7 aperture, 26-mm lens primary camera, so how does it's performance compare?

The S8 has more advanced processing with Multi-Frame Image Processing which means that it takes several frames in one shot and automatically blends them together by getting the sharpest details possible out of all of the frames captured. This prevents photos from being too noisy and makes them as sharp as possible.

DxOMark, the trusted camera and image quality rating source, is yet to review the S8 camera, however the S7 achieved a score of 88 out of 100. The iPhone 7 got a slightly lower rating of 86 out of 100.

While the S8's auto mode will deliver solid images, you can capture the perfect shot by switching it to 'Pro' mode. Accessed by swiping left on the camera screen and tapping 'Pro', it gives you the capability to tweak the cameras imaging settings, from exposure levels to focal points.

To help aid you capture that perfect image you can also move the shutter to anywhere on the S8's massive 5.7- inch Infinity display screen, letting you trigger the camera without compromising your shot. To turn this on, head to the cameras settings and scroll down the list to toggle on the 'Floating Camera button'. You can then move the button to anywhere you please.

The built-in camera component of the Bixby AI assistant is Bixby Vision, which allows the assistant to "read" a photo and offer up a umber of contextual options. Take a photo of an object and Bixby Vision can be prompted to show results from a Google Image search. As an example, if you wanted to know what brand and model a certain car is, you can take a picture of it and instantly find out. This can also be used for shopping online by taking a picture of a product and hitting the shopping button, to revel what the product is, how much it costs, and where to get it from. To use the Bixby Visual feature you simply hit the eye icon at the bottom right of the camera mode and snap away.

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