Samsung Galaxy S8- “best ever” display

 Image: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S8 impressed everyone upon launch announcement, sporting a stunning new design that builds on the beautiful curved display of it’s predecessor handset, the S7 Edge.
The 5.8-inch AMOLED display goes from edge to edge of the chassis, leaving just a hairline bezel. Samsung calls this new edge-to-edge design the ‘Infinity Display’, and it certainly does not disappoint.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been awarded the “best” display ever, according to DisplayMate. A new report from DisplayMate claims they have the “best” smartphone display available on the market right now, awarding it’s highest ever score- an “A+” rating.

The report highlights a handful of standout areas where the screen and display shine. Including an impressively high peak brightness of 1020 nits, and an advanced implementation of HDR; Mobile HDR Premium, certified by UHD Alliance, which is equal in image quality and color accuracy to many high-tier HDR TV sets.

"The primary goal of this Display Technology Shoot-Out article series has always been to publicize and promote display excellence so that consumers, journalists and even manufacturers are aware of and appreciate the very best in displays and display technology," says the DisplayMate report, "We point out which manufactures and display technologies are leading and advancing the state-of-the-art for displays by performing comprehensive and objective scientific Lab tests and measurements together with in-depth analysis."
"We point out who is leading, who is behind, who is improving, and sometimes (unfortunately) who is back pedaling… all based solely on the extensive objective careful Lab measurements that we also publish, so that everyone can judge the data for themselves as well…"
You can read the full report here.

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