Our Favorite Shots, As Sent In By You

Every month we take a look through the tech21-tastic images you guys send us, so we thought we would share them with the world. Motivational posts on a Monday morning, vacation photos using your protected phone, to your favorite outfit and what's in  your bag... we want to see it!

The image above displays what the Evo Tactical case for iPhone SE does best- fly majestically through the air before taking a hit.

Everyone needs motivation on a Monday morning, and there is no better friend than coffee to help you start the week correctly. Above is a nice shot including our Evo Gem case for iPhone 7 Plus. So, wherever you have your Monday morning coffee, make sure you are protected by the best.

Next, we have a 'what's in your bag?' shot, featuring the Evo Wallet Active Edition for iPhone 7. I imagine this is in line with most handbags across the world- make-up, sun glasses, and of course, your iPhone...

Lastly we have the Evo Check Active Edition, after it has taken a tumble at the gym onto the treadmill. For all the gym bods out there you will know that dropping your phone at the gym is not uncommon. When working out headphones can get tangled or caught and you can sometimes lose your grip due to sweaty palms or tired muscles. Therefore, the Active Edition will save the day.


You can find all the cases featured in the images above, plus many more, at tech21.com.

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