Origami Door that Opens and Closes like a Piece of Paper

Traditional origami

At Tech21 we love to think outside of the box when creating and designing innovative products for the technology you love. That’s why we were intrigued to discover the new “Evolution” door which opens and closes like a piece of paper.

Doorway to the Future

Currently a prototype, the “Evolution” door was invented by Austrian artist and designer, Klemens Torggler, who created the door based on the traditional principles of Origami paper folding. By building on the basic foundations of rotating squares the structure allows the door to open and close, moving sideways without requiring any tracks or hinges, with triangular panels that fold in on themselves like a form of Kinetic sculpture which focusses on visual effects created by movement.

Torggler has named the system "Drehplallentur" which means "flip panel door". The door begins to twist at the gentle push of a finger and is attached at the top and bottom by pivot joints which allow the panels to move across points of rotation as required.

Torggler’s “Evolution” door structure is particularly unique and can be used across other creative fields such as artwork or collapsible screens. What else do you  think the origami structure could be used for?