Novak Djokovic Sports a Tech21 Evo Case


As avid tennis fans, and a relatively sporty bunch, we were excited to see Novak Djokovic enjoying his Tech21 Evo case for iPhone 6.

With the weather looking up here in the UK, we’re looking forward to the Wimbledon Tennis tournament this summer, of which Djokovic is of course, the reigning champion.

As the leaders of ingenious impact protection, we love technology, including the latest tennis Hawk-Eye ball-tracking technology which is intelligent and quick enough to allow us to track the precise location of high impact, high speed shots across the court.

What is Hawk-Eye technology?

Currently the world’s first and only eye-ball tracking technology system, it’s the only invention of its kind to successfully pass the rigorous ITF testing required for it to operate. Hawk-Eye, so called for its incredible vision capacity, now plays an important role in tennis tours across the globe. In tennis, accuracy is key. Hawk-Eye ensures that high impact shots, designed for their strength and precision, are not lost to umpiring errors.

Adding a whole new atmosphere to the tennis match, Hawk-Eye technology means that fans can find out, alongside their heroes, whether or not that 80mph serve hit the line. This adds a new dimension to the relationship between the two.

How does it all work?

Hawk-Eye tracking technology is designed to capture high speed, high impact shots through a series of 2D, 3D and 4D images which are cleverly combined to produce one final image. Each layer plays a significant part in determining the precise position and speed of the ball.

A 2D camera system tracks the general whereabouts of the centre of the ball. This camera also focuses on the lines of the court so that these two results can be compared to help determine whether a shot is in or not. 3D camera images provide a more accurate representation of the ball’s position by dividing captured images in to triangular sections. These are dissected for examination and the recording of detailed measurements. Hawk-Eye’s 4D tracking technology is able to confirm the ball’s position by producing one clear path of its journey through the air. This technology allows us to record the speed of the player’s serves and returns.

Layered together, these intelligent images are able to provide us with a clear determination of the location of the ball with regards to the lines of the court, as well as an accurate measurement of the ball’s speed and velocity. As Paul Hawkins, the founder of this innovative technology, explains, "by finding the ball in mulitiple cameras we can find out where the ball is in 3D space - where it is in the real world if you like."

Hawk-Eye technology has forever changed tennis by saving high impact shots from umpiring mistakes. Waiting for the challenge result on the big screen together also deepens the relationship between fan and player - we can't wait to see what's next!