New Technology Charges Mobile Phones in 30 Seconds

Phone charged in 30 Seconds

StoreDot, an Israeli start-up company, have invented a product which is able to charge a smartphone in 30 seconds using nano-technology. We can’t wait to take a look at the laboratory prototype!

This amazing charging speed was witnessed for the first time on TV as Dr. Doron Myersdorf demonstrated the technology by charging a Samsung Galaxy S4 in 30 seconds.

StoreDot had removed the original S4 charger and replaced it with their own battery product on the back of the device. The phone began at a 25% battery charge but had full power just 30 seconds after it was plugged in to the StoreDot battery. According to Myersdorf the product was specifically designed for mobile devices with an aim to solve the issue we all have with devices just taking too long to charge.

Amazingly the battery charges the phone in 30 seconds, with the phone lasting for 2-3 hours. The battery is operating with 1/3 of the energy required for the device to function for the whole day. Myersdorf confirms that this laboratory prototype is currently a working progress, requiring still an “order of magnitude” and “energy density improvement” for successful further development.