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Ripplebuds Smart Bluetooth Earbuds
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Here at tech21, we are fascinated with new gadgets and innovative design. We have searched for the best problem solving products on the market- whether you’re searching for a memory solution for your iPhone or trying to find your iPad after misplacing it or perhaps your hair dryer is not giving you the salon blow-dry you had hoped for. These superbly crafted products could be the answer to your prayers.


Dash-i MicroSD Reader

Dash-i Micro SD Reader

Have you ever been to a concert, party, family gathering and your phone suddenly runs out of memory and you can’t capture that special moment? Well, worry no more!

MicroSD card for iOS devices will give you unlimited external storage accessible from your iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch with Lightning port. Care for the carefree with unlimited storage for selfies, videos, music and cool apps.

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The Tile App

We are all guilty as charged when it comes to misplacing our keys, phones, handbags and the list goes on. The guys at Tile have created a genius Bluetooth tracker that helps you find your lost stuff in seconds. Stick it on your belongings and let Tile track your stuff with an integrated app available to download on Apple and Android. If your Tile is within 100 feet of the Bluetooth range, a loud tune will be played until you locate the lost item.

But if your phone has magically gone missing and you can’t find it, just press any of the Tile trackers and your lost phone will ring – even if it’s on silence! Isn’t this impressive?

The app also records the item’s last location and time, giving you a good indication on where to start looking first.

The tracker is also water resistant and approved to IP5 standards. The shelf life lasts for an entire year and Tile will replace it with a brand new tracker, at a fraction of the cost.

It’s a no brainer!

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Dyson hair dryer


Dyson SupersonicJames Dyson is aiming to end bad hair days with the launch of his first ever hairdryer – Quite a bold statement if you ask us!

In June we saw the launch of this $399/£299 masterpiece. The company spent an astonishing £50million in the last four years to develop and investigating the "science of hair." The 100 plus engineers have tested it on 1010 miles of human hair and created 600 prototype just to get it right.

We have learnt that Dyson sent his engineers to a college to take hairstyling classes.

"I really wanted them to understand what hairstyling was all about and how pros use dryers in the salon," Tom Crawford, Dyson's head of product development, explained.

The eight times faster than other hairdryers, promises silky strands and a salon finished blow-dry. 

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Speaking with the ear technology  

Set to be the world’s smartest Bluetooth earbuds, RippleBuds are equipped with in-ear microphone system are about to make your life just that little bit better!

With innovative Noise Blocking technology, customers no longer have to worry about ambient noise and can relax knowing they are clearly heard and understood. The supercool noise – blocking microphone is secretly hidden inside the ear bud itself.

The days of having to shout at the mouth piece of your headphones are long gone. The new technology also applies to voice recognition services like Google search and Siri. The discrete carrying case lets you recharge your RippleBuds when you’re on the go.

Ripplebud smart Bluetooth earbuds

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