New in Design: Architecture and Structures

Tower=SlideImage by CNN

This week's edition of New in Design looks at architectural and structural designs around the globe.

  1. London's ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower- Adrenaline junkies in the UK now have a new place to play at the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide in London. The Orbit Tower slide, designed by Carsten Holler, is 178 meters long (584 ft) and 115 meters tall (377 ft). The entire ride lasts 40 seconds at a top speed of 15 miles per hour, with 12 turns including a “corkscrew twist”.


Image by Studio Roosegaarde

  1. Van Gogh Bicycle Path- In tribute to the inspirational artist, Daan Roosegaarde designed the Van Gogh Bicycle Path in the artist’s hometown, Eindhoven. The surface of the pathway is coated with special paint that glows in the dark. This particular paint uses energy from sunlight to illuminate the pathway during the evening. The path is about half a mile long, and people from the small Dutch town enjoy the radiant bike ride at night.

Splash-by-Manuel-Ocana-leadImage by Inhabitat

  1. Splash by Manuel Ocana- What originated as a plain grey wall has now epically transformed into a vertical garden decorated in reflective spheres that illuminate sunlight. Before the wall was built, the homeowners enjoyed an open view of the sunset. Ocana’s goal was to embody that view despite the plainness of the wall.

The architect has an arrangement of round mirrors positioned at various heights and angles, in order to capture and reflect the sun at different times of the day. Behind the mirror array, various vegetation creates a soft, lush barrier to shield the offending grey wall


jestico-whilesImage by DesignBoom

4.  Shilling Bar and Brewery- The London based architectural firm Jestico + Whiles, converted what was formerly a bank into a bar and brewery in Glasgow, Scotland. Fragments of the 1920’s design have been retained in the making of the bar and brewery, such as the fluted marble columns framing a view to the wood-burning oven. The designers chose to capitalize on the detailing of the 20ft-high coffered ceilings, allowing natural light to enter through the full-height windows. One of the most iconic details of the building is the large painted unicorn on one of the walls (Scotland’s national animal).


Cricket-farmImage by CNN

5.  Cricket Shelter Farm- This alien-looking structure, with its prickly exterior, combines a unique architecture design and the ability to feed humans in a crisis. Believe it or not, this emergency shelter is also a vertical insect farm, bringing insect-based protein to the people vacating it. The Cricket Shelter Farm is located in Brooklyn, New York, consists of an arched CNC plywood frame and 264 plastic insect pods that slot into the frame, stacked one on on top of another. The farm’s shell provides both protection from the environment and a sustainable farming system; a true futuristic experience.