Sony Xperia X Review

Sony Xperia X with Evo Wallet case

Boasting an impressive spec, the Sony Xperia X sits in the middle of the Xperia X family with the cheaper XA model and the high-end X Performance.

When announcing the new series Sony enthusiasts were expecting a fresh Xperia device design, with new features galore- however they have opted for the signature Sony design aesthetic, with a flat back and slightly round edges, with the buttons in exactly the same places.

With little design changes how does the display look? Behind a sufficiently sized 5-inch screen
is a 1,920x1,080 resolution display which is exceptionally bright and improved contrast at 1,200:1, leading the way against all competitors displaying maximum colour leaving the display looking fantastic. We like.

Much like the Xperia Z5 the battery is extremely efficient given the size of it. The Qnovo battery (first handset to use this) charges incredibly quickly and they claim that with this being said that the battery will have a longer lifespan than other ‘fast-charged’ batteries, especially Lithium based batteries. Apparently 10 minutes of charging will provide 5.5 hours of use, and under heavy use the battery will last one and a half days which is not bad at all- especially if this does not fade over time and use.

Sony's redesigned Android 6.0.1 interface feels super fast with menu animations almost instantaneous and makes going in between pages seamless. This power is from a new Snapdragon 650 CPU from Qualcomm combined with 3GB RAM. And whilst talking about speed Sony claim that you can go from the phone sleeping to taking a picture with the 23MP camera in 0.6 seconds with their new feature ‘Predictive Hybrid autofocus’- which basically detects and tracks objects really, really quickly allowing you to snap quickly. The camera capabilities seem endless with new software built in enhancing your photos to make average looking photos look great! The front camera is also a big success with 13MP resolution- similar spec to low-end handsets for their primary camera!

With the main 23MP camera you might be thinking what about storage for all these large image files? Well, they have this covered. The Xperia X comes with 32GB of storage (up to 64GB for the dual-SIM handset) as standard, as well as the option of adding up to another 200GB (!) via the nifty microSD card slot hidden with the SIM card tray.

Sony devices have always been known for their sound quality when it comes to music playback and their trademark sonic experience lives on with the on-board stereo speakers and high resolution audio quality, not disappointing one bit.
One thing that Android had lacked in the past is a proper backup storage solution, but Sony seem to have overcome that. You can backup apps, contacts, messages and phone settings! One thing that Sony devices had also not included previously is having built-in answering machines, which are extremely useful and time saving. Again, Sony have thought of this and rectified it with you being able to pick up incoming calls, greeting messages, and save messages for later. And when it comes to making your own calls, thanks to several microphones and noise suppression calls are crystal clear and intelligible.

This all sounds great, but does the Xperia X live up to it’s predecessor in the Xperia Z5? After all it does just seem like they have stuck to what they know works with a similar design, similar claims about the battery that we have heard before, and it has pretty much exactly the same camera specification… And on top of that the Z5 was also waterproof, which the Xperia X is not. But then again the added features to the camera to capture those perfect shots and the extra capabilities around backup, storage and calling could sway you.

So what about the price?
The price for the SIM-free handset is £459. Which seems a bit steep for the offering, but then again if you are an on-the-go, snap happy, music loving creative type, who is after a slick new mobile device and have a few bob to spend, this is could well be the one for you!

And what about the flagship phone of the series, the ‘X Performance’ you ask? Well there is not much we know about this prior to the launch aside from having an upgraded Snapdragon processor… Living up to it’s name and offering better performance! So for gamers and streamers this is the one for you. Aside from that we can’t see much difference in the spec at all, but there is sure to be a difference in price.
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