Make your Smartphone your Outdoor Companion this Summer

Summer Solstice is upon us! Wednesday, June 21st will be the longest day of the year, meaning it will be suns out buns out all day long. Depending on where you live on the planet, you could receive up to 24 hours of sun on Summer Solstice! Needless to say today is the day to get outside and in nature.

Make sure not to leave home without your trusty smartphone! Here are several ways your smartphone will be the perfect outdoor companion this summer.

  1. MapMyHikeMap

Summer Solstice is the perfect day to get out and go hiking. MapMyHike for Android and iOS tracks and logs your hiking route, complete with information on pace, distance, calorie counting and route navigation. With MapMyHikeMap you can log your hikes and you can search and download other nearby routes. With a premium subscription, unlock other features such as customized audio training cues, and real-time location sharing to friends and family with Live Track.

2. Ramblr

This app is perfect for those outdoors types who like to journal everything about their trip! Ramblr allows users to record everything from their route, average walking speed, distance traveled, and highest point, as well as record geotagged audio, video, pictures or text to relive the trip.


Geocatching is a modern day teaser hunt where players hide caches of small objects and tokens and then post the GPS coordinates for other players to find. Pretty neat, right? With over 2 million active geocaches ongoing worldwide, there's a plethora of treasures to be found! The  app is available for Android and iOS. It takes advantage of your phone's GPS features and map apps to provide a searchable database of geocaches.

4. Anti-Glare Screen Shield

On the longest day of the year, you can be sure your phone will be catching all those rays. And the sun can cause discoloration and quickly ruin our view of our screens. With the Anti-Glare screen shield, you can enjoy your apps and content from anywhere without the harsh glare from sunlight.

By designing the Impact Shield Anti-Glare but it’s also full of changing lighting conditions that can quickly ruin our view. You can trust the Impact Shield Anti-Glare to keep your screen clear and as beautiful as it was on day one. With a surface layer that diffuses and scatters light, you are able to see your screen with perfect clarity even in direct sunlight.

Get the Impact Shield Anti-Glare for the iPhone 7/7 Plus and several other devices.