Lithium Ceramic Battery Revolution


Battery technology hasn’t evolved in decades - until now.

At Tech21 we have started a battery revolution. Using Lithium Ceramic battery technology, Evo Endurance is the world's first ultra safe charging case for iPhone 6 and 6s.

Why Lithium Ceramic?
The Answer is clear - Traditional charging cases, can emit heat, leak toxic chemicals and even become flammable when damaged, and Lithium Ceramic has none of these problems.

You can see why Boeing warned all passenger airlines that fires could occur when transporting lithium ion batteries and the U.S Federal Aviation Agency has a long list of tests and confirmed that "transport of lithium batteries present a risk"

Lithium Ceramic has zero risk of overheating and exploding, even when punctured, it's clear to see how pairing Li-Ceramic Battery and Tech21 Flexshock™ creates an outstanding phone battery case.