LG G6- the ultimate phone for entertainment

LG have really stepped up their game with their new flagship handset, the LG G6. Upon launch we went over the specs and key features of the new device. A few months on we look at why the G6 is perfect for all entertainment lovers.

The Display

This is possibly the most important thing while watching movies or playing games. The FullVision™ display is very impressive. They have managed to pack a 5.7" QHD+ display into a 148.8 x 72.3mm body.

It's not only the size that matters. It also supports Dolby™ Vision, and is the first handset ever to do so. This means that HDR content will look as great as it was intended. It also supports the more widely adopted HDR10, too.

The screen has a ratio of 18:9 and a resolution of 1440 x 2880. As most games and apps are 16:9 ratio, the G6 scales everything to fit and look great to make the most of the screens capabilities. All of this is customizable too, so if you want an app at a certain aspect ratio, you can have it.


Audio sounds brilliant on the G6 thanks to support for hi-res 24-bit/ 192kHz tracks, whether played through the external speaker or through headphones (and yes, there is a headphone jack).


The G6 has plenty of space for videos, music and games. It has 32GB of storage built in, which is expandable via microSD, up to as much as 2TB!


The G6 has a 3300 mAh battery which holds up well with everyday usage, and also supports Quick Charge 3.0.

For gamers, the G6 is supported by Vulcan™- the latest platform for Android games. This means you get increased performance when playing games, reduced lag, and more responsive and immersive gameplay. And this won't drain your battery thanks to Game Battery Saver, which allows you to adjust resolution, frame rate and battery saving, depending on your needs.

Water resistant? Try waterproof!

The LG G6 is rates IP68, which means it can be submerged in water to 1.5m for around 30 minutes at a time. This means you can take it poolside, watch your favorite shows in the bath, or listen to music in the shower with no worries at all. You can even take some cool underwater photos!

And is that all wasn't enough...

LG is looking to restore a little faith by giving current and future LG G6 buyers in the US an extra year of warranty.

The LG G6 Second Year Promise doesn’t cover accidental damage, but it does ensure an added year of protection if the phones conks out of its own accord.


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