Kids vs. Tech- 7 lessons for parents

Because technology has become so prevalent in modern day society, it is no surprise that kids are using it at younger and younger ages.

Tablet devices provide various educational apps for cooking, reading, cognitive development and key aspects of a growing child. Little ones are fascinated by smartphones with their endless games and selfie filters. Kids and technology can often result in a disastrous recipe, from sticky fingers to toilet drops!

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Now here are 7 lessons in parenting our fellow moms and mommy bloggers have learned from their kids vs. tech.

Lesson #1: Don't bring technology to the beach

Kristen, mommy blogger from Mommy in Sports had an incident with her smartphone at the beach.

"We once had a mishap with sand and the ocean. Note to self, don't let your kids take pictures at the beach, they will drop your phone in the sand!"

Dually noted.

Lesson #2: Whatever you do, don't let a hungry kid have your technology...

Lesson #3: Road trips with the family are always memorable, especially with moments like this!

I'm guessing they didn't get that iPad mini back?

Lesson #4: Never trust an angelic face.

You never know what thoughts are cooking up behind those seemingly innocent eyes.

Lesson #5: Hide and seek can be a dangerous game

Lesson #6: Always keep dog food on hand!

Lesson #7: Sticky fingers are very dangerous.