Kids vs. Tech- 5 horror stories from parent bloggers

Toilet tumbles, bubble bath drops, coffee splashes and dangerous drops. This is the life of a parent with tech.

So much so, that we've asked 4 mummy/daddy bloggers to share their worst tech damage stories, where their own kids are the culprits!

Mommy blogger, Kristina, from Joyfully Smitten shares an unfortunate toilet drop from her toddler; 

Kim-Marie, writer of lifestyle blog, Kimba Likes, had to learn the hard way that playing Hot Lava Monster isn't all fun and games;

Okay, toilet drops are becoming more common than we thought....Travel and mommy blogger Globetotting shares yet another toddler toilet drop;

Darren, from Diary of a Working Dad, is experienced with Gamer Over moments like this one;

Finally George, a Personal Trainer at Gymnacity and Fitness Blogger at, shares his story with us...


I was sitting on the sofa, with my iPhone in one hand, showing my five year-old son a YouTube video of cars racing. He loves cars racing, crashing, and driving through water, mud and snow. In my other hand I held a large mug of tea, which I slowly sipped whilst he watched.

He was really enjoying viewing this particular clip, and made excited noises as he jumped up and down…unfortunately this knocked the iPhone out of my hand, and it slid straight into my cup of tea. Disaster!

I pulled it out as fast as I could…but the screen was dead. I dried it with a towel, then took out the sim card and battery, then put it in the airing cupboard. I tried powering it up a day later, but it still didn’t work. After two days of trying, I gave up and ordered the newer iPhone model.

My shiny new iPhone arrived and I could finally receive phone calls again. Phew. I was about to through the old phone away, when I thought I’d try just one last time to power it up. To my surprise, it worked! I think it just needed a few more days to dry out. So my son now has an iPhone to play games on…perhaps that was his cunning plan all along!

If we've learned anything here today, it's that tech in our children's hands, doesn't always go hand in hand.

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