Are iPhone owners really smarter than Android users?

iPhone users smart

It’s certainly arguable that the phone you own could be reflective of your lifestyle and personality, but could it also be a tell-tale of your intelligence? A study carried out by Ladbrokes on 1,000 smartphone users suggests that it can…

According to the online test results, iPhone users are smarter than Android users. The problem solving test presents the candidate with seven questions consisting of pictures, numbers or word puzzles, with the first question asking which smartphone the participant is using. Results showed Apple fans completing the test correctly in 94 seconds on average, followed by Google Nexus users which complete the test in 99 seconds on average.

Third were Samsung owners at 103 seconds however the record for completing the test correctly is held by a Samsung user at 47 seconds. HTC users are fourth with 109 seconds whilst Blackberry owners finished in 118 seconds on average. Of course, this test should be taken with a pinch of salt – there is no real connection between your IQ and the smartphone you own, as CNET states, it’s “all a bit of fun.”

How many seconds did you manage to complete the intelligence test in? Did your result match up with the smartphone that you own according to these published results? Let us know what you think over on Google+