iPhone 7 – What are people searching online for?

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Colors

The highly anticipated Apple iPhone devices are finally out in stores and potential iPhone 7 and 7 Plus customers have been widely searching online trying to gather information on the new devices.

So what do search trends show us about buyer behavior and preferences?

User search trends show what consumers find most interesting in terms of the new iPhone. One might think the majority of searches for the new device would be inquiring about the details of new features, such as the iPhone 7 being the first water-resistant iPhone thus far.

But in terms of features and specs for the device, price is the hottest topic for users upon launch, with a huge amount of users checking for prices of the handset.

Surprisingly enough, the second largest search regarding the iPhone 7 was what colors the new device would come in.

iPhone Device Colors are the Most Searched For


For iPhone 7, in terms of the most searched for colours, Black and Jet Black are the clear winners here.

In terms of US publications, the iPhone 7 colors was a topic that was reported on the most, with 78,600,000 search results.

The Wireless ear buds are a hot topic with searches peaking only a few days after the announcement on the 11th. Buyers from Delaware and Mississippi are the most interested in this topic.

Waterproof or Water Resistant? 

There seemed to have been some confusion particularly in terms of the waterproof feature and how this was reported in the online media. In fact, the most popular publications around the web, state that the phone is waterproof when it is in fact water-resistant.

7,640 online publications/sites refer to the iPhone 7 as waterproof in a title search while only 3,730 sites show for the term 'iPhone 7 water resistant'. 

No wonder the media has got so many of us confused about the new device!

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