iPhone 7: Hot Topics

iPhone 7 cases at a store in California

Over a week from launch, we assess the hot topics

Jet Black

One of the first things on the agenda during the big announcement was the different colors of the new Apple flagship device, and CEO Tim Cook answered the prayers of the Apple enthusiasts revealing that there would be a new color- Jet Black. It’s now the color that everyone wants and Apple can’t make fast enough! According to Business Insider, mass-producing large quantities of Jet Black iPhones is still problematic for Apple.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo the iPhone 7 Jet Black model "suffers from a low casing production yield rate of 60-70%", resulting to an undersupply due to high demand leading to a shortage of the popular color choice. However, if you lust over this new sleek color beware that it’s not just a long wait you will endure. On launch day the tech giants released a statement that the Jet Black is extremely susceptible to being scratched due to it’s high-gloss finish and suggest the user applies a durable case to protect their new iPhone.

Headphone jack (lack of)

Though many iPhone users were outraged with the removal of the headphone jack on the new device, there are actually various reasons that make it an advancement in phone technology. With the new device has enhanced audio quality because Apple has come up with ideas that enable headphones manufacturer to make headphones that connect to the phone via the iPhone lightning port. Using power from lightning ports, headphone manufacturers can incorporate the amplifiers in the ear phones themselves. This technology boosts the audio quality.

The 3.5mm jack limits how thin the iPhone can be. Removing the headphone jack has enabled Apple to add on the screen size of a similar sized device, thus making the iPhone 7 thinner with a wider screen.

Another benefit of not having the headphone jack is that is increases the phone's battery life. Company engineers realized that removal of the jack led to an increased battery size. This means increased battery life for iPhone 7.

The final reason to ditch the ever so popular headphone jack could be with the future in mind… With the future being fully waterproof devices. Which bring us to our next point.

‘Water resistant’

While some interpreted Apple's new device as water-proof, the reality is that the device's water resistance is little more than an insurance policy against accidental water damage. To clarify this misunderstanding, Apple has published guidance about this feature.

Apple points out that the iPhone user should avoid exposing the new device to liquid of any kind, that the device has been tested in controlled laboratory conditions (not real-life situations) and water resistance may decrease with usage of the device.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet 

YouTube channel, TechRax made a prank video encouraging iPhone 7 users to drill a hole in their device to reveal a "hidden iPhone jack". TechRax posts videos showcasing weird and wonderful ways to destroy smartphones, and this latest joke actually has people drilling into their handsets. Check the madness for yourself.

So please don't take a power tool to your precious new iPhone 7, keep it whole and in one piece. If you want to take a step further, then get advanced protection with tech21. See our protective cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.