iPhone 7 4k Video Test + Underwater Test

iPhone 7 4k Video

There has been loads of hype around the new and improved camera on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, making iPhone photographers extremely enthused about the new features. But what does this mean for all of us video enthusiasts out there?

With 4K video recording, optical and digital image stabilization, and an f1.8 apertures, it is safe to say that the video improvements on the new devices are highly advanced. Going from ƒ/2.2 to ƒ/1.8 makes a big difference for low light photos and videos.

Apple originally introduced the 4k resolution video recording with the release if the iPhone 6s, however with the dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus will help users capture mesmerizing footage even more so than before. 4K video is not the default option for recording on either the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, likely because of requires storage it needs when compared to 1080P video.

See the beauty for yourself with this epic iPhone 7 4k video test from Dom Esposito. The footage you see in this video comes directly from the iPhone 7.

Now how does the 4k Camera perform underwater? This is the real testament to the camera. The video below shows the 100% raw footage shot on an iPhone 7 Plus of submerging the lens into water. Whilst the lens may be slightly obscured when bringing the phone above water again, the image quality when the phone is submerged is very impressive indeed. Check it out…

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