iPad Air vs. iPad Mini

Screen Display

iPad Air’s bigger screen size makes it the better choice for viewing movies and playing games on, but the iPad Mini is lighter, despite the two devices matching in thickness. The decision comes down to whether you want the biggest screen you can get, or you’re after a more portable device.


Both iPad Air and iPad Mini have an impressive 10 hour battery with wi-fi browsing or play back.


iPad Air and iPad Mini have full access to Apple’s Store and iTunes system, so you can enjoy movies, games and online shopping to your heart’s content.


Unsurprisingly, iPad Mini is the cheaper option due to its smaller size, but it depends on what you want from a device!

After a protective iPad case?

Our newly released Impact Folio case for iPad is now available. Its unique structure is specifically designed to suit you and your busy lifestyle, whether you’re a frequent traveler, or use your tablet at work in the office. A slim-fitting, flexible TPU shell integrated with FlexShock material surrounds your device with advanced impact absorption through a unique geometric ribbing structure built to exceed MIL-STD 810G.516.6.

The fully integrated Folio cover protects the front of your device whilst it is not in use or in storage, with auto-wake magnets which wake your tablet on opening the slim-fitting case.