Introducing tech21's Fashion Range

Tech21 has just launched it's first ever Fashion Range for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. We have incorporated eye catching and classic styles from this year's Spring and Summer trends to create case designs unlike anything else out there.

What sets our Fashion Range apart from other brands is that we believe in creating fashion forward designs without having to compromise the drop protection of your phone. As the leading brand in smartphone protection our cases will always be tested rigorously to offer the best in drop protection, and look amazing while doing it.

Read on for an exclusive look at our three newest designs in our Fashion Range; Lace, Urban and Active. 

Lace Edition

Lace is not only beautifully delicate, but it also has the ability to conceal and reveal simultaneously. This allows us to take a phone's original beauty and make it that much more exciting.

The Lace Edition is seen in the Evo Elite, Evo Check and Impact Clear.

Evo Elite Lace Edition offers 2m/6.6ft drop protection thanks to FlexShock, our ultra-efficient impact absorbing material. Like the original Evo Elite range, the cases are color matched to your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus device.

For even lighter, thinner protection, the Evo Check Lace Edition offers 3m/10ft drop protection, turning your fear of breaking your hone into a carefree attitude. For those of you with the new Samsung Galaxy device, shop the Evo Check Lace Edition for S8 and S8+.

Your favorite clear case just got with the trends, with Impact Clear Lace Edition. Offering 2m/6.6ft protection thanks to BulletShield, used in bulletproof glass. Amazing clear case with a delicate lace finish.

Urban Edition

Unbeatable protection meets urban design with the Urban Edition. From bold, angular lines with glistening glass and polished concrete, to gritty side-streets and exposed structures, there’s something captivating about urban architecture. Grabbing the attention of designers and photographers across the globe, it not only influences how we feel during our day-to-day, but it influences what we wear. 

The Urban Edition is offered for the Evo Check and Impact Clear.

Active Edition

Altheisure is a fashion trend we know oh so well, that's why we came out with the Active Edition for the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 and S8+. An active, outgoing lifestyle puts our phone through its paces so we need our case to protect it. Whether your phone's set on top of the treadmill or on the bar at your favorite cocktail spot, you can trust the Active Edition to enhance its sophisticated feel.

Add some spark to your phone with the Evo Check Active Edition, now in turquoise and clear for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 and S8+.

We now have the Evo Elite Active Edition, a completely new look with a fashion-forward finish that looks so sleek.

Whatever your personal style is, tech21's fashion range has the perfect case to match it. Protection doesn't have to mean bulky, fashionable doesn't have to mean cheap. Shop the whole range for iPhone 7 here.